Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kirsty Hume

Two-Minute Warning (1976)

Average thriller with a list of stars in small parts. Takes quite a time to get going, but is occasionally effective.

Retro Puppet Master (1999)

I'm really uncertain about this movie. It was awkwardly slow, sometimes ridiculous, but then in parts had a weird atmosphere and some production value. Alltogether not really a good movie, though.

Indeterminacy 119

Mr. Romanoff is sixty years old. Mr. Nearing
is seventy years old. Mr. Romanoff’s mother
is eighty-five. On one of the mushroom field
trips, a photographer came who had been sent
by The New York Times. We took the Stony
Brook trail. We had no sooner gotten
started than the photographer busied himself taking
pictures. Soon Mr. Romanoff was not to be
seen. Mr. Nearing drew Lois Long aside and
said, “Mr. Romanoff has had an accident to
his pants. Would you find out whether one
of the ladies has a safety pin?” Lois Long
complied. A very small safety pin was
found, and Lois Long gave it to Mr.
Romanoff. He came back to the group.
The safety pin, being so small,
proved ineffective. Mr. Romanoff
nevertheless stayed with the group, and,
as the walk continued, the
split in his pants progressed until it was
complete, crotch to cuff. We
stopped for lunch at a spring.
Mr. Romanoff looked at his pants and said,
“My mother will hear about this.”

- John Cage

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Friday, February 20, 2009

A Scan a Day

Indeterminacy 136

I was twelve years old. I got out my bicycle and rode
over to KFWB. They said, “What do you want?” I said,
“I’d like to give a weekly radio program for the Boy
Scouts.” They said, “Are you an Eagle?” I said, “No,
I’m a Tenderfoot.” They said, “Did the Boy Scouts
send you?” I said, “No, I just got the idea and came
over.” They said, “Well, run along.” So I went over
to KNX. They liked the idea and arranged a time for
the first program. I then went to the Boy Scouts,
told them what had happened, and asked for their
approval and cooperation. They said it was all right
to give the program but that they would not
cooperate. In fact, they never did. Each time I
asked for the Boy Scout band, they said No.
Individual Scouts all gave their services willingly.
There were boy sopranos; trumpet, trombone, and
piano soloists; and Scouts who spoke on their
experiences building fires and tying knots. The
volume of fan mail increased each month. After two
years, the organization called up KNX, said they’d
never authorized the program, and demanded that
I be put out and they be put in. They were.
The band finally played. A few weeks
later, KNX took the program off the air.

- John Cage

Natalia Vodianova

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Indeterminacy 16

Another monk was walking
along when he came to a
who was sitting by the path

“What’s the
he said.

She said,

“I have lost

my only


He hit
her over the head and
said, “There,
that’ll give you
something to cry about.”

- John Cage

A Scan a Day

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Indeterminacy 131

We have the impression that
we’re learning nothing,
but as the years
pass we recognize more
and more mushrooms and
we find that the
names that go with them
begin to stick in our

Furthermore, we’re
still alive.

However, we must be
Guy Nearing sometimes says
that all mushroom experts
die from mushroom poisoning.
Malcomb finds the
dangers of lion hunting
largely imaginary,
those of mushroom
hunting perfectly real.

- John Cage

A Scan a Day

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In the Valley of Elah (2007)

Good movie: excellent acting, good story.

Diane Kruger

Kate Moss irrégulière

ph: Patrick Demarchelier

PJ Harvey

A Scan a Day

Indeterminacy 1

One evening when I was
still living at Grand
Street and Monroe,
Isamu Noguchi
came to visit me.

There was nothing in
the room (no furniture,
no paintings).

The floor
was covered,
wall to wall,
with cocoa matting.

The windows
had no curtains,
no drapes.

Isamu Noguchi said,
“An old
shoe would look
beautiful in this room.”

- John Cage

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Natasha Poly

Juliette Binoche

Un divan à New York (1996)

A very mild (French) romantic comedy wih Juliette Binoche and William Hurt, good for when you have nothing better to do.

Indeterminacy 129

Alan Watts gave a party that started in the afternoon, New Year’s
Eve, and lasted through the night and the following day. Except
for about four hours which we spent napping we were never without
food or drink. Alan Watts lived near Millbrook. His cooking was
not only excellent but elaborate. There was, for instance, I
forget just when, a meat pie in the shape of a large loaf of
bread. Truffles ran through the meat, which had been wrapped
first in crepes and then in the crust, in which had been
inscribed in Sanskrit “Om.” Joseph Campbell, Jean Erdman, Mrs.
Coomaraswamy, and I were the guests. Jean Erdman spent most of
the time knitting. Alan Watts, Mrs. Coomaraswamy, and Joseph
Campbell conversed brilliantly about the Orient, its
mythologies, its arts, and its philosophies. Joseph
Campbell was concerned at that time about the illustration of
his Zimmer book, Philosophies of India. He was anxious to
find a picture which would include certain and several symbols,
and though he had searched his own library and several
public ones, he was still looking for the right picture.
I said, “Why don’t you use the one in Jean Erdman’s
knitting book?” Joseph Campbell laughed because he knew I
hadn’t even seen the picture. Mrs. Coomaraswamy said,
“Let me look at it.” Jean Erdman stopped knitting and gave
her the book. Mrs. Coomaraswamy began interpreting the
picture, which was of a girl in a sweater standing in a
landscape. Everything, it turned out, referred
precisely to the subjects with which Joseph Campbell was
concerned, including the number in the upper right-hand corner.

- John Cage

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A Scan a Day

Ray (2004)

I generally enjoy watching biopics, and so it was with this one, too. The movie has great acting and good production value, but the story is as if the director was dutifully ticking off the major points in Ray Charles' life without giving you any further insight into what kind of person he really was or what his music was all about.


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Julie Ordon

Indeterminacy 41

Artists talk a
lot about


recalling the expression
“free as a bird,”
Morton Feldman
went to a park one
day and spent
some time
watching our feathered friends.

When he
came back,
he said,
They’re not
they’re fighting
over bits of food.”

- John Cage