Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Stuff

Who's That Girl?

Indeterminacy 76

At the New School once I was substituting
for Henry Cowell, teaching a class
in Oriental music. I had told
him I didn’t know anything about the subject.
He said, “That’s all
right. Just go where the
records are. Take one out.
Play it and then discuss it
with the class.” Well, I took
out the first record. It was
an LP of a Buddhist service.
It began with a short microtonal chant with
sliding tones, then soon settled
into a single loud reiterated percussive beat.
This noise continued
relentlessly for about fifteen minutes
with no perceptible variation.
A lady got up and screamed, and
then yelled, “Take it off.
I can’t bear it any longer.”
I took it off. A man
in the class then said angrily,
“Why’d you take it off?
I was just getting interested.”

- John Cage

A Scan a Day

Death Machine (1995)

A giant corporation manufacturing deadly weapons loses control over the mad scientist they have hired.

Yeah, it's pulp, but entertainingly over the top and tongue in cheek. Brad Dourif outplays everyone else.


Cube Zero (2004)

Prequel to Cube revealing some mysteries about the terror prison.

The premise still offers enough material to provide for another horrifying tale.

Mylene Jampanoi

Cutter's Way (1981)

Cutter and Bone

Bone is the witness to a murder, and together with his disabled Vietnam veteran pal Cutter he tries to unmask the murderer.

In a way it's a Philip Marlowe paraphrase, all departments doing their best, especially the wonderful photography, but in the end it doesn't add up to much.

Morjana Alaoui

ph: Yasmine Hatimi

The Image (1975)

The Punishment of Anne

An adaptation of Jean de Berg's notorious SM novel.

Well, I finally got to see this 'classic' porn movie. It is done with some style, but all in all it hardly tells a story, and like most porn is another a sequence of set pieces going through the SM catalogue. Not for the squeamish!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tina Aumont

Louis Lumière (1968) (TV)

Eric Rohmer discusses Louis Lumière's films with Jean Renoir and Henri Langlois.

This is a wonderful documentary with two relaxed experts and lots of clips of Lumière's films.

Heather Graham

Criminal (2004)

2 con artists try to do a big coup, but it seems like everything goes wrong.

Even though the story was written by Steven Soderbergh, the movie is quite pedestrian and not really suspenseful or even funny, if that was the intention.

A Scan a Day

Killing Me Softly (2002)

A young woman falls for a guy and gives up her previous marriage and life for him, but he has a dark past.

Chen Kaige has done much better before, but this is an average thriller at best and sometimes a bit silly, especially in the BDSM scenes.

Natalia Vodianova

Indeterminacy 11

During that Greensboro concert,
David Tudor and
got a little mixed up.

He began to
play one piece
and I began
to play a completely different

I stopped,
since he is
the pianist he
and I just
sat there,


- John Cage

Erin Wasson

Le carrosse d'or (1953)

The Golden Coach International (English title) / USA
Die goldene Karosse West Germany

An Italian theater company is invited to perform in a small town in Central America, and the leading lady finds herself loved by three men.

All in all perfect and done with Renoir's light hand, but to me it was too light-weighted (and self-conscious) to be fully entertaining.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Song a Day

My Bloody Valentine - Soon

By now I guess everybody knows how much I admire My Bloody valentine. This is my favourite song, unfrotunately I couldn't find the official clip, but this live version is great as well.

Be sure to play it VERY LOUD!

Wake up
Don't fear
I want to
Love you
Yeah don't go there
I let you get to me
Yeah yeah

Come back
Don't be
Afraid of me
That (I'll harm you)
Your eyes are blue
Blue jewels
Yeah yeah
Come back
Have faith
Someone like you
Can find the reason
Of what I did to you
Yeah yeah

Wake up
Don't fear
I want to
Love you
Yeah don't go there
I let you get to me
Yeah yeah

Edie Adams

Action in the North Atlantic (1943)

An American tanker is sunk by a German U-boat and the survivors spend eleven days at sea on a raft. They're next assigned to the liberty ship "Sea Witch" bound for Murmansk through the sub-stalked North Atlantic.

A bit dated, since it's a propaganda actioner, but very professionally done, no sentimentalities involved. Bogey has done better, but needn't be ashamed of this one.

Valentina Zelyaeva

In the Name of the Father (1993)

Based on the true story of the Guildford Four, a group people are deliberately convicted falsely and incarcerated as IRA terrorists.

This is a favourite movie of mine, it gets me upset every time I see people getting imprisoned innocently. The story, however, is much more than a political tale, it also depicts a complicated father-son relationship, and as ever Daniel Day-Lewis is perfect in the son's role as a slightly dim and irresponsible hippie.

Olga Elnikova

ph: Raphael Mazzucco

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hitch (2005)

Alex Hitchens makes a living as a 'date doctor' helping insecure men land dates until one day he himself falls in love.

Average entertainment, I would have expected more from the team Will Smith and Kevin James.

A Scan a Day

Gwoemul (2006)

The Host (International: English title) (USA)

A monster emerges from Seoul's Han River and focuses its attention on attacking people.

Although I love monster movies and this one is well-made, I couldn't quite cope with some of the irony and humour involved, and I felt the intentions were somewhat ambiguous.

Ali Michael

ph: Paolo Roversi