Monday, February 28, 2011

Lucette van Beek

New Stuff: PJ Harvey

The last albums missing in my collection.

Annie Morton

ph: Ellen von Unwerth

New Stuff: The Index

I just got this book about the Catholic Church's list of forbidden books.

Aline Weber

New Stuff: Battle Royale

Thought I'd read the comic first, before I watch the movie (which I already have on DVD).

Magdalena Frackowiak

Élisa (1995)

A young woman has had a tough childhood ever since her mother committed suicide.

Over-the-top psychological drama with an unnerving heroine.

Who's That Girl?

Photographer: Baldovino Barani

Find more at:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jessica Stam

From my vaults: Julian Beck


Aymeline Valade

New York

Malene Knudsen

ph:  Nick Dorey

First Lines: Alice Walker - The Color Purple

You better not never tell nobody but God.

Patrycja Lorek

New Stuff: Larsen & Nurse With Wound featuring Fritz Muller

A new NWW collaboration!

Suzie Bird

ph: Remi Lavande

The Blob (1988)

A strange life form consumes everything in its path as it grows and grows.

Slightly tongue-in-cheek remake of a B picture classic and as such fairly entertaining.

Ilva Hetmann

ph: Sebastian Kim

New Stuff: Asobi Seksu

Hope to see them live in April!

Irina Shaykhlislamova

The Firm (1993)

A young lawyer joins a prestigious law firm only to discover that it has a sinister dark side.

Entertaining thriller playing with our fears of the lawyer profession.