Saturday, June 25, 2011

Myf Shepherd

New York

Michaela Kocianova

First Lines: Julius Caesar - The War in Gaul

All Gaul is divided into three parts, one of which the Belgae inhabit, the Aquitani another, those who in their own language are called Celts, in ours Gauls, the third.

Magda "Maddie" Kulicka

ph: Igor Drozdowski

Hostage (2005)

A failed police negotiator turned small town cop, must save the lives of a family held hostage, which draws him into a much more dangerous situation.

Hostage drama thriller with a twisted double plot, tailor-made for its star.

Who's That Girl?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Art: Wladyslaw Theodor Benda


Kristen McMenamy

From my vaults: Laura Betti


Rebecca Bex Fleetwood

 ph: Daniel Gil Rodrigo

New York

Catherine McNeil

ph: David Byun

First Lines: Herbert Marcuse - One-Dimensional Man

(ph: Fritz Lang's Metropolis (1927))

A comfortable, smooth, reasonable, democratic unfreedom prevails in advanced industrial civilization, a token of technical progress.

Sveta Krivonozhko

Beauty Shop (2005)

A hairstylist opens up a beauty shop full of employees and customers more interested in speaking their minds than getting a cut.

Very light comedy with a a recognizable plot that lives solely through the star's performance.

Who's That Girl?

Art: Igor Benca

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Natalia Vodianova

From my vaults: John Betjeman


Ewa Witkowska

New York

Noot Seear

ph: Will Davidson

William S. Burroughs: My Education. A book of Dreams

I am in my pajamas at a discontinued subway stop.
  Now with James Grauerholz rushing through subway stations with inhuman speed and agility. Jumping across tracks, down stairways, floating through turnstiles...and here we are at Johnson's store, open-air booths with counters on four sides.

Hailey Clauson

ph: Sebastian Kim

New Stuff: Tascam DR-05 (24-Bit Handheld MSD Recorder)

Another purchase from yesterday.

Melodie Monrose

ph: Alexander Hankoff

New Stuff: Korg Monotron (Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer)

Nice little thing, can make all kinds of noise!

Natasa Vojnovic

New Stuff: Kate Bush

A documentary about Kate, I thought I'd need to have it.

Who's That Girl?

Photographer: Bernard Benant

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Kate Moss irrégulière

From my vaults: Pete Best


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New York

Aleksandra Nilsen

First Lines: Arthur Schopenhauer - The World as Will and Representation

"The world is my representation": this is a truth valid with reference to every living and knowing being, although man alone can bring it into reflective, abstract consciousness.

Alla Kostromichova

ph: Fabio Raineri

The Assignment (1997)

An American naval officer is recruited for an operation to eliminate his lookalike, the infamous terrorist Carlos The Jackal.

Fairly entertaining thriller with a very improbable plot.

Eliza Cummings

ph: Ellen von Unwerth

New Stuff: Swans

This was their last album before they disbanded in the mid 90s.

Who's That Girl?

Photographer: Luis Beltran

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Suzanne Diaz

From my vaults: Bernardo Bertolucci


Jenny Sweeney

ph: Christian Lucid

New York

Behati Prinsloo

First Lines: Adam Smith - An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations

(art: Part2ism)

The annual labour of every nation is the fund which originally supplies it with all the necessaries and conveniencies of life which it annually consumes, and which consist always either in the immediate produce of that labour, or in what is purchased with that produce from other nations.

Frida Gustavsson