Friday, July 1, 2016

Alexina Graham

ph: Marcus Pummer


Piazza San Pietro at night, June 2016

Du Juan

A day in the life, Jun 29

A day in the life, Jun 29, at work

Melina Martin

ph: Lalo Gonzalez

New Stuff: Okkyung Lee

Okkyung Lee has played with a whole list of amazing artists, some of my favourites like Cecil Taylor and Swans, and in 2013 she curated the Music Unlimited festival in Wels, Austria - a festival I regularly visi. This year she'll be perfomring there.

Charlene Högger

New Stuff: Erykah Badu

Part Two of Erykah Badu's ongoing musical project.

Irina Djuranovic

ph: Dennison Bertram

Komodo (1999)

A young boy comes face to face with Komodo dragons while suffering the loss of both his parents.

Mediocre creature feature that hardly offers any frights or suspense.

Halliwell (no star): "Feeble low-budget horror with no scares and little suspense."

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Scarlett Johansson

New Stuff: Neil Young

Neil Young continues his revolutionary streak with "Earth", experimenting with animal sounds on his new live album.

Who's That Girl?

Art: Francesco Hayez

Milagros Schmoll

ph: Jason Kim


Piazza San Pietro at night, June 2016

Elin Amos

A day in the life, Jun 28

A day in the life, Jun 28, objet trouvé

Ivy Nicholson

ph: Milton Greene

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New York

Commodore Hotel - New York City

Christy Turlington

ph: Gilles Bensimon

First Lines: Paramahansa Yogananda - Autobiography of a Yogi

The characteristic features of Indian culture have long been a search for ultimate verities and the concomitant disciple-guru relationship.

Alessandra Ambrosio


June 2016

Zanna van Vorstenbosch

A day in the life, Jun 27

A day in the life, Jun 27, objet trouvé

Mina Cvetkovic

ph: Dario Catellani

New Stuff: Raime

Moving away from the sample-based strategies that characterised their early work, Andrews and Halstead looked increasingly to live instrumentation for their first full-length work, mounting intensive recording sessions for percussion, guitar and strings before painstakingly piecing the album together at their home studio. The gothic and industrial signifiers in their music remained, but more submerged and oblique than ever – no more pronounced as influences than jungle’s percussive dynamism and doom metal’s oppressive weight, or aspects of techno, modern composition and dub.

Hilary Rhoda

New Stuff: Mats Gustafsson

In 2014 the sax-player extraordinaire celebrated his 50th birthday by inviting many artists he currently plays with to Vienna. Three days at Porgy & Bess in October 2014, 16 shows, the best moments are captured on this 4cs box set.

Lauren Bacall

New Stuff: The New Yorker

(art: Frank Viva)

Who's That Girl?

Photographer: Paul Outerbridge

Charlotte Carey

ph: Hong Jang Hyun


Piazza Navona, June 2016

Maya da Silva Vieira

A day in the life, Jun 26

A day in the life, Jun 26, objet trouvé

Kremi Otashliyska

New York

Union Square, NYC. 1930s