Saturday, November 26, 2016

Kiko Mizuhara

New Stuff: 9

A gift from my pal Ralf.

Who's That Girl?

ph: William Klein

Art: Norman Saunders

Anna Emilia Saari

Window faces

Regensburg, November 2016

Allie Crandell

A day in the life, Nov 23

A day in the life, Nov 23, view from our bay room

Won Kyoung Kim

ph: Yoon Myung Seop

New York

S. Klein Union Square Manhattan

Xiao Wen Ju

First Lines: Michael Herr - Dispatches

There was a map of Vietnam on the wall of my apartment in Saigon and some nights, coming back late to the city, I'd lie out on my bed and look at it, too tired to do anything more than just get my boots off.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Ellie Gonsalves

A day in the life, Nov 22

A day in the life, Nov 22, standing inside looking outside

Merethe Hopland

New Stuff: Ingrid Laubrock

Niki Geux

Hot Spell (1958)

A housewife is doing her best to keep her family together as it's slowly falling apart, a fact she's trying to ignore.
White-knuckled family drama and tragedy almost overdoes it, but is saved thanks to the brilliant cast. 

Halliwell*: "Overwrought domestic drama slipping perilously close to farce at times, but a good theatrical vehicle for its stars."

Maltin**: "Well-acted but dated drama...MacLaine shines as their daughter."

Ali Michael

New Stuff: Prince

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Who's That Girl?

Photographer: Carl van Vechten

Karlee O’Donnell

Window faces

Regensburg, November 2016

Charleen Weiss

A day in the life, Nov 21

A day in the life, Nov 21, Christkindlmarkt opening day

Anna Kazannik

New York

Henry Hudson Parkway, 1937

Christy Turlington

ph: Herb Ritts

First Lines: Hannah Arendt - The Origins of Totalitarianism

Many still consider it an accident that Nazi ideology centered around antisemitism and that Nazi policy, consistently and uncompromisingly, aimed at the persecution and finally the extermination of the Jews.

Tamy Glauser

ph: Alessio Bolzoni

A day in the life, Nov 20

A day in the life, Nov 20, graffiti

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


New Stuff: The New Yorker

(art: Bob Staake)

Marique Schimmel

ph: Jonas Bresnan

Bend of the River (1952)

When a town boss confiscates homesteader's supplies after gold is discovered nearby, a tough cowboy risks his life to try and get it to them.

A standard Western adventure in near perfection: despite the hopscotch plot you get a great cast, lots of conflict and action, wonderful settings and landscapes, and the hero is redeemed in the end. 

Halliwell*: "Good standard Western with pace and period feeling but not much plot sense."

Maltin***: "Compelling Western..."

Carey Mulligan

ph: Signe Kassow

New Stuff: The Louvin Brothers

Betty Catroux

ph: Jeanloup Sieff

Class (1983)

A young boy in private school spends one crazy night out, but soon realizes the woman he hooked up with is not who he expected.

Unashamed rip-off of The Graduate which only shows the pretensions but never delivers; the end result is just a misogynist and outdated campus comedy for male adolescents.

Halliwell (no star): "Ghastly travesty of The Graduate, which aspires to every kind of sophistication it can think of but ends nowhere."

Maltin**: "Slick but uneven mix of romance, comedy, and drama with one-dimensional characters and a lack of credibility. Some good moments lost in the shuffle."

Tanya Dziahileva

ph: Horst Diekgerdes

New Stuff: David Foster Wallace

Who's That Girl?

Art: Gabriel von Max

Nicole Kidman

Window faces

Regensburg, November 2016

Avery Blanchard

ph: Fabien Baron

A day in the life, Nov 19

A day in the life, Nov 19, autumn leaves