Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Straight Story (1999)

An old man makes a long journey by lawn-mover tractor to mend his relationship with an ill brother.

Another surprising masterpiece by David Lynch, unusual in its simplicity and obvious celebration of Americana, although there are still tinges of his typical images and soundscapes; this time around its and uplifting and touching story, and Richard Farnsworth's performance in itself is worth the watch.

Halliwell***: "A gentle, folksy road movie that takes its time but establishes a mood of quiet enjoyment of simple pleasures, mixed with a little regret for some past events; Farnsworth epitomises a man who knows his own worth and that of the others he meets on his journey."

Maltin***1/2: "Wonderful, deceptively simple slice of Americana...Its measured pace and episodic quality may not appeal to everyone, but its charm and belief in the basic decency of people make it very special indeed. Farnsworth shines in the leading role. Director Lynch's most benign film."

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