Saturday, February 11, 2017

Satan in Art and Images

"If Daft Punk were commissioned to score a cyberpunk horror film of the likes of Hardware, the resulting work may sound something like what Paris musician James “Perturbator” Kent has come up with on 2014’s Dangerous Days, the latest of his four albums. Utilizing vintage synthesizer sound straight out of the Miami Vice era, Perturbator lets loose with aggressive arpeggios and wispy melodies, creating music that, similar to a group like Zombi, seems to have been influenced by the vintage soundtrack work by the likes of John Carpenter and Goblin. Though the melodies and individual tones heard here are straight out of the 1980s however, Perturbator’s music is clearly made within the framework of obstreperous modern electro, with crushing beats propelling Dangerous Days through dark and ominous soundscapes that harken back to the menacing futuristic atmosphere of Blade Runner.

Dangerous Days plays out as a concept album set in the “urban nightmare” of 2088 and detailing (mostly through instrumental music) a war in which computers and robots attempt to wipe out all traces of humanity" (Scene Point Blank)

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