Friday, May 11, 2012

Claire Collins

A day in the life, May 9, 2012

A day in the life, May 9, 2012, fake bird

Natalia Vodianova

From my vaults: Jane Bryan


Madara Malmane

ph: Polina Viljun

New York

Lisa Jackson

ph: Alessandro Russino

First Lines: Janet Frame - Towards Another Summer

When she came to this country her body had stopped growing, her bones had accepted enough Antipeodian deposit to last until her death, her hair that once flamed ginger in the southern sun was fading and dust-coloured in the new hemisphere, and she was thirty, unmarried except for a few adulterous months with an American writer (self-styled) who woke in the morning, said
- I write best on an empty stomach,
pulled a small piece of paper from his tweed coat hanging on the end of the double bed, and wrote one line.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Madalina Copka

A day in the life, May 8, 2012

A day in the life, May 8, 2012, objet trouvé

Ilse de Boer

ph: Kai Z Feng

New Stuff: My Bloody Valentine

And finally: their first album remastered as well.

Ana Claudia Michels

ph: Gui Paganini

New Stuff: The New Yorker

Jessica Perez

ph: Richard Bernardin

New Stuff: My Bloody Valentine

I had these remastered versions pre-ordered for 3 years, now they have finally been released!

Who's That Girl?

Photographer: Corrie Bond

Find more at:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Inna Smolina

A day in the life, May 7, 2012

A day in the life, May 7, 2012, objet trouvé

Kate Moss irrégulière

From my vaults: Lottie Brunn


Danielle Hayes

Hana Jirickova

First Lines: Allen Ginsberg - Howl

(ph: Essie Snell)

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,

dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix,

angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night,

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hanna Verhees

A day in the life, May 6, 2012

A day in the life, May 6, 2012, nature

Lisa Verberght

ph: Dirk Alexander

The King (2005)

A troubled man, recently discharged from the Navy, goes to Corpus Christi, Texas, in search of the father he's never met.

Subtly staged familial drama cleverly escalating it to semi-mythological dimensions.

Michelle Behennah

Night Passage (1957)

The workers on the railroad haven't been paid in months, because a gang has been robbing their wages...

Although barely a standard Western, the story wins alone by James Stewart's participation.

Kendall Jenner

Backlash (1956)

A man seeks a survivor of the Apache ambush his father died in.

Standard and solid Western, but otherwise not quite remarkable.

Chantal Jones

New Stuff: Making Noise

 The ultimate book on noise, 900 pages, and 379 pages of endnotes, only available online...

Mackenzie Hamilton

ph: Owen Bruce

New Stuff: Crime and Punishment

A TV adaptaion of one of my most favourite novels!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cameron Russell

ph: Ben Hassett

Into the Abyss (2011)

Conversations with death row inmate Michael Perry and those affected by his crime serve as an examination of why people - and the state - kill.

Gripping and in-depth study that manages to analyze this difficult issue without bias.

Audrey Marnay

ph: Jean-Baptiste Mondino

New Stuff: The Ten-Cent Plague

Finally a book about this era in the history of comics which I always wanted to know more about.

Caprice Bourret

Herr Ober! (1992)

Together with his posh, suppressive wife a man is managing a hotel, but is more interested in writing poetry.

This vehicle for (and by) the  popular Bavarian humorist Gerhard Polt is entertaining, but far less ingenious and funny than his more famous short sketches.

Who's That Girl?