Saturday, October 24, 2009

Katya Polyaeva

Daniel Charms, 31 Plays, #20

The play that failed

Petrakov-Gorbunov enters the scene. He's trying to say something. He starts hiccupping. He starts vomiting. He leaves.

Pritikin enters the scene. Pritikin: Dear Petrakov-Gorbunov was going to sa... (He vomits, and runs away.)

Makarov enters the scene. Makarov: Erg... (He vomits, and runs away.)

Serpuhov enters the scene. Serpuhov: Before I forget... (He vomits, and runs away.)

Kurova enters the scene. Kurova: I would be... (She vomits, and runs away.)

A little girl enters the scene, faces audience: Papa wanted to tell everybody that the theater will close. We are all vomiting!


Chloe Laslier

Following (1998)

A young writer who follows strangers for material meets a thief who takes him under his wing.

Wonderfully Noirish low-budget thriller with a twisted plot, the director's debut.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Alyona Osmanova

ph: David Slijper

From my vaults

ph: Jim Adams

Taylor Kraemer

Natalia Vodianova

ph: Patrick Demarchelier

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Daniel Charms, 31 Plays, #18

A Lynch Trial

Petrov mounts his horse and talks to the crowd about what will happen if an American sky-scraper is erected in the place of the public garden. The crowd listens and seems to agree. Petrov writes something in his notebook. A middle sized man comes out of the crowd and asks Petrov what he wrote in the notebook. Petrov answers that it's personal. The middle sized man insists. One word leads to another and the scuffle begins. The crowd takes side with the middle sized man and Petrov has to save his own life by escaping on his horse. The crowd gets agitated, grabs the middle sized man for lack of another victim and tears his head off. The head rolls over the pavement and gets stuck in the drain. The crowd departs, its passion quelled.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Charo Ronquillo

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Sara Blomqvist

From my vaults

Edie Adams

Frida Gustavsson

Vignettes #49

In the 1980s I used to attend the Berlin film festival each year together with my pals from our cinema. Usually Sepp went along with me, a big husky fellow who loved to eat.

In Berlin he knew a special stand where you can get the best Currywurst, a Berlin fast food speciality consisting of a suasage and some Curry-flavoured sauce with some fries, and he never missed a day to go there.

One day I was to meet him at that stand, which was right next to the Bahnhof Zoo, the main train station at that time. I arrived and saw that next to him was a middle-aged Japanese couple, all dressed up for travel with their suitcases, and they were both choking on a Currywurst.

I asked Sepp: "Did you notice that Japanese couple? They're obviously not enjoying their Currywurst, but seem to be forcing themselves to eat it."

Sepp replied: "Yeah, they just arrived from Japan and asked me the way to their hotel, but I convinced them to try a Currywurst first."

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Daniel Charms, 31 Plays, #17

(Boris Kulikov)

Makarov and Petersen
No. 3

Makarov: This book here is about our desires and how to fulfill them. Read this book and you will understand the whole fuss about desire. You will also understand how easy it is to fulfill someone else's desire and how hard it is to fulfill your own.

Petersen: You talk way too serious. You sound like an Indian leader.

Makarov: This book deserves to be spoken of with eminence. I take my hat off when I think about this book.

Petersen: Do you wash your hands right before you touch it?

Makarov: Yes, the hands must be washed.

Petersen: Do you think feet must be washed too?

Makarov: This is not funny but rude.

Petersen: So what is this book called?

Makarov: This book has a mysterious name...

Petersen: He-he-he!

Makarov: This book is called MALGIL.

(Petersen disappears)

Makarov: Oh my God! What is this? Petersen!

Petersen's voice: What happened? Makarov! Where am I?

Makarov: Where are you? I don't see you!

Petersen's voice: And where are you? I don't see you either!.. What are these spheres?

Makarov: What shall I do? Petersen, do you hear me?

Petersen's voice: I hear you! But what happened? And what are these spheres?

Makarov: Can you move?

Petersen's voice: Makarov! Do you see these spheres?

Makarov: What spheres?

Petersen's voice: Let me go!.. Let me go!.. Makarov!..

(Silence. Makarov stands terrified, than grabs the book and opens it).

Makarov (reads): "...Gradually, the man losses his shape and becomes a sphere. After he becomes a sphere, man losses all of his desires."


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keke Lindgard

From my vaults

Don Adams

Sophie Vlaming

ph: David Bellemère

Kate Moss irrégulière

Esti Ginzburg

Marília de Paris

ph: Maurício Gomes

Daniel Charms, 31 Plays, #16


Andrey Andreevich Miasov bought some wick from the market and went home.

On the way, Andrey Andreevich lost the wick and walked into a store to buy 500 grams of Poltav's sausage. Then, Andrey Andreevich went to a milk store and bought a bottle of kefir, drank a small glass of kvas, and stood in line to get a newspaper. The line was rather long, and Andrey Andreevich stood in line not less than twenty five minutes, but, when he just approached the newspaperman, all the newspapers were sold out.

Andrey Andreevich, after waiting a little longer, went back home, but on the way lost the kefir, so he went back to the bakery, bought a French baguette, but lost the Poltav's sausage.

Then, Andrey Andreevich went directly home, but on the way he fell down, lost the French baguette and broke his pince-nez.

Andrey Andreevich got home very angry and went straight to bed, but couldn't fall asleep, and when he finally did, he had a dream: he lost his toothbrush and used some kind of candlestick instead.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Jessica Stam

ph: Mariano Vivanco

Daniel Charms, 31 Plays, #15

Four illustrations on how a new idea dumbfounds a man that was not ready for it

The Writer: I am a writer!
The Reader: And I think you are crap!
(The Writer stands there for a few minutes shocked by this new idea, falls dead. He is carried away.)

The Painter: I am a painter!
The Worker: And I think you are crap!
(The Painter went pale as a canvas, and shaking like a little leaf, suddenly dies. He is carried away.)

The Composer: I am a composer!
Ivan Rublev: And I think you are crap!
(The composer, breathing heavily, dies. He is carried away.)

The Chemist: I am a chemist!
The Physicist: And I think you are crap!
(The Chemist didn't say another word and falls heavily on the floor.)

Coco Rocha

ph: Toni Kim

Racconti romani (1955)

4 young Roman ne'er-do-wells get themselves into muschief every time they try out a new scheme.

Slightly amusing morality play which offers a realistic view of Roman everday life.

Who's That Girl?

Dirty Dancing (1987)

Spending the summer in a holiday camp with her family, a young woman falls in love with the camp's dancing teacher.

Formulaic love and dance romance story, one wonders about its huge success.

Ieva Laguna

ph: James Mountford


In Flagrante Delicto

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sylvia Mann

ph: Roberta Ridolfi

From my vaults

Beverly Adams

Heloise Guerin

ph: Nicholas Routzen

Sonic Youth

Shadow of a Doubt

Met a stranger on a train
He bumped right into me
I swear I didn't mean it
I swear it wasn't meant to be
Must a been a dream
From a thousand years ago
I swear I didn't mean it
I swear it wasn't meant to be
From the bottom of my heart
He was looking all over me
Together everafter
He said
"You take me & I'll be you"
"You kill him & I'll kill her"
Kiss me
I swear it wasn't meant to be
I swear I didn't mean it
Kiss me
Kiss me in the shadow of
Kiss me in the shadow of a doubt
Kiss me
Kiss me in the shadow
Kiss me in the shadow of a doubt
It's just a dream
It's just a dream i had
Swear it's just a dream
Just a dream
Dream i've had
Take me to it
Take me to her
Maybe it's just a dream
It's a dream
It's just a
Just a

Met a stranger on a train
Bumped right into me
Swear i didn't mean it
Swear it wasn't meant to be
Must've been a dream
From a thousand years ago
Kiss me
Kiss me in the shadow of a doubt
Kiss me