Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Scan a Day

New in my collection

I collect vintage photos, and these 2 are the latest additions in my still quite small collection. They're both postcard size, and I have my doubts whether they really are vintage, but good to have nonethless.

Gisele Bündchen

A Scan a Day


Over the years I have experienced so much censorship I have a whole collection of images that were previously unacceptable on MySpace, Photobucket and with all the other advocates of the moral majority.

I've found the case with this photo particularly interesting, since it actually DOES NOT show, what they most fear. You guess...

ph: Liv Tyler by Anton Corbijn

Monday, December 29, 2008

Ann Savage (1921-2008)

Ann Savage, “died in her sleep at a nursing home on Christmas Day from complications following a series of strokes,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Savage was most memorable in her femme fatale role Vera in the film noir classic Detour. I still remember how proud I was doing my first film noir retrospective at our film club and was able to get a copy of this movie. Ann Savage was a few notches tougher than your average bad girl, and Detour swirled into deeper realms of ill fate than you usually can take serious. It was a mesmerizing experience

Al Roberts: Oh, sure, Phoenix. You look just like a Phoenix girl.
Vera: Are the girls in Phoenix that bad?

Vera: Stop makin' noises like a husband.

More Buñuel

Another exciting acquisition: I finally ordered and got this DVD box containing the following works:

- Las Hurdes
- Los Olvidados
- Susana - Carne y Demonio
- Él
- Abismos de Pasion
- Ensayo de un Crimen

Although I have seen quite a few of Buñuel's movies, this edition actually has 3 titles I've been wanting to see for quite a while. I'm especially looking forward to Abismos de Pasion, an adaptation of the novel Wuthering Heights. Can't wait to see what Buñuel did with this story!

A Scan a Day