Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ingrid Williams


October 2015

Daniela Bianchi

Window faces

Regensburg, November 2015

Lydia Willemina Collins

ph: Daniella Rech

A day in the life, Nov 19

A day in the life, Nov 19, Regensburg by day (with moon)

Eden Bristowe

ph: Cybele Malinowski

New York

Building the World Trade Center - New York City, 1970

Jourdan Dunn

ph: Adam Secore

First Lines: John Mortimer - Rumpole of the Bailey

I, Horace Rumploe, barrister at law, 68 next birthday, Old Bailey Hack, husband to Mrs Hilda Rumpole (known to me only as She Who Must Be Obeyed) and father to Nicholas Rumpole (lecturer in social studies at the University of Baltimore, I have always been extremely proud of Nick); I, who have a mind full of old murders, legal anecdotes and memorable fragments of the Oxford Book of English verse (Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch's edition) together with a dependable knowledge of bloodstains, blood groups, fingerprints, and forgery by typewriter; I, who am now the oldest member of my Chambers, take up my pen at this advanced age during a lull in business (there's not much crime about, all the best villains seem to be off on holiday in the Costa Brava), in order to write my reconstructions of some of my recent triumphs (including a number of recent disasters) in the Courts of Law, hoping thereby to turn a bob or two which won't be immediately grabbed by the taxman, or my clerk Henry, or by She Who Must Be Obeyed, and perhaps give some sort of entertainment to those who, like myself, have found in British justice a life-long subject of harmless fun.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Litay Marcus


October 2015

Rachel Russell

A day in the life, Nov 18

A day in the life, Nov 18, Regensburg by day

Tako Natsvlishvili

New Stuff: Neil Young

A new archive album, this time from Neil Young's Bluenotes phase.

Olivia Henderson

ph: Justin Hollar

Luis Trenker. Der Schmale Grat der Wahrheit (2015)

While forging and trying to sell Eva Braun's diaries after WWII the South Tyrol filmmaker Luis Trenker looks back to his career within the Third Reich period.

Mildly entertaining TV satire about a controversial celebrity (who remained very popular in post-war Germany) that is suprisingly accurate concerning facts, but the result portraits a more sinister Leni Riefenstahl than the title figure; neverthless, Tobias is great as the rogue Luis Trenker.

Ali Michael

ph: Kinya Ota

New Stuff: It Came from Outer Space

Another Jack Arnold classic.

Who's That Girl?

Art: Tim White

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sophia Rambaldini


October 2015 (dreadful portrait of Kate Moss in a gallery)

Valentina Sykes

ph: Cybele Malinowski

Window faces

Regensburg, October 2015

Tiana Perry

A day in the life, Nov 17

A day in the life, Nov 17, objet trouvé

Kasimira Miller

New York

Frida Gustavsson

First Lines: Ken Follett - Eye of the Needle

It was the coldest winter for forty-five years.

Ashton Flutey


October 2015

Emma Oak

A day in the life, Nov 16

A day in the life, Nov 16, Regensburg cathedral

Caitlin Lomax

Planet of the Apes (2001)

An Air Force astronaut crash lands on a mysterious planet where evolved, talking apes dominate a race of primitive humans.

Great production and visual splendor can't save this superfluous remake of the 1968 classic with its uncharismatic hero and a disappointingly contrived riddle ending.

Halliwell (no star): "Burton claimed this was a 're-imagining' of the original movie; with its glum hero and turgid action, all it demonstrates is the poverty of his imagination."

Maltin**1/2: "Entertaining if forgettable rethink of the 1968...A good yarn with great production design and impressive make-up by Rick Baker. Finale, with Rod Serling overtones, is the major letdown."

Ranya Mordanova

Boy A (2007)

The story of a young ex-con, newly released from serving a prison sentence for a murder he committed as a child.

Subtle but intense study of retribution in an unforgiving world with a great cast and a depressing ending.

Maltin**1/2: "Intentionally bleak and a bit contrived, grim film is still quite involving and well acted."

Who's That Girl?

Photographer: Martine Franck