Saturday, June 14, 2014

Elise Pluvinage

Window faces

Regensburg, June 2014, Georgia May Jagger

Franziska von Tschurtschenthaler

ph: Driu + Tiago

A day in the life, Jun 13

A day in the life, Jun 13, window display

Beatrice Chirita

Rocco e i suoi fratelli (1960)

Having recently been uprooted to Milan Rocco and his four brothers each look for a new way in life when a prostitute comes between Rocco and one of his brothers.

Classic masterpiece melodrama of Italian neorealism of an epic dimension with superb performances and wonderful black-and-white photography, directed by Visconti with painful poignancy.

Halliwell**: "Massive portmanteau of realistic stories, a bit hard to take despite its undoubted brilliance."

Maltin***1/2: "Sweeping chronicle...Stunningly photographed..."

Miranda Kerr

8 Femmes (2002)

A man is murdered, and the eight women in his household each seem to be more eager than the others to know the truth.

A tongue-in cheek homage to Agatha Christie-styled murder mysteries, staged as a closed-room musical and with an otherwise great cast playing their roles in exaggerated hysterics, is not really something one can feel nostalgic for.

Halliwell**: "Highly artificial, witty, enjoyable pastiche of a country house murder mystery, with bravura performances from its stellar cast, representing four generations of French acting, who burst into song at unexpected moments."

Maltin**1/2: "Wonderful opportunity to watch some of France's most formidable females in an odd whodunit-melodrama-musical...Fun to a degree, especially when the actresses sing and dance, but awfully forced."

Who's That Girl?

Photographer: Greta Buysse

Friday, June 13, 2014

Jeisa Chiminazzo

R.I.P. Alan Douglas

Estella Brons

ph: Takay

Window faces

Regensburg, June 2014

Johanna Fosselius

ph: Shunya Arai

A day in the life, Jun 12

A day in the life, Jun 12, Regensburg by night

Natalia Vodianova

From my vaults: Solange Cousseau

Shane Van Der Westhuizen

ph: Yusuf Butolli

New York

Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station, 1974

Sasha Pivovarova

ph: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

First Lines: Per Olov Enquist - The Royal Physician's Visit

On April 5, 1768, Johann Friedrich Struensee was appointed Royal Physician to King Christian VII of Denmark, and four years later he was executed.

Ingrid Seynhaeve

ph: Dewey Nicks

Window faces

Regensburg, June 2014

Elena Santarelli

A day in the life, Jun 11

A day in the life, Jun 11, window display

Franzi Mueller

ph: Andrew Yee

New Stuff: Knoel Scott

Knoel Scott recently performed with the Sun Ra Arkestra in Regensburg and during the break after their first set he had a short chat and smoke with me, and he sold me this solo album of his - which is a wonderful jazz album.

Hyoni Kang

ph: Jang Hyun Hong

Sun Ra Arkestra

The audience at the Regensburg Leerer Beutel fully realized and appreciated it, the jazz reviewer for the local newspaper did not: this was a fantastic concert fully worthy of the great Sun Ra's legacy! The current incarnation of the Arkestra is a congenial mixture of some elderly veterans and quite young talented aspiring musicians, lead by the now 90-year-old Marshall Allen, who has been with the band for nearly 60 years. Of course, they appeared on stage with their traditional colorful 'space suits' and from the first song on it was obvious that they would bring us an otherworldy jazz experience. The program expectedly consisted mainly of Sun Ra compositions, but one of the highlights of the evening was Marshall Allen's own song "In B-Tween", in which the maestro himself performed a mesmerizing long solo. It was evident that despite his age Allen was the player with the most free imagination and an inspiartion for his fellow band members. I was fully convinced by the quality of the concert and especially enjoyed the contributions by James Stewart, Knoel Scott, Danny Ray Thompson and the truly virtuose young pianist Farid Barron, not to forget: the female singer Tara Middleton. As expected there was a lot of show and several joyful parades through the audience till the concert ended after 2 sets of 70 minutes each.

(The clip is from a concert during this during due to the fact that there currently are none from the Regensburg).

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Klaudyna Horniczak

ph: Omar Coria

A day in the life, Jun 10

A day in the life, Jun 10, objet trouvé

Kate Moss irrégulière

From my vaults: Hazel Court

Jay Nova

New York

May 23, 1895.The New York Public Library under construction

Sasha Pivovarova

First Lines: Bob Shacochis - The Woman Who Lost Her Soul

During the final days of the occupation, there was an American woman in Haiti, a photojournalist - blonde, young, infuriating - and she became Thomas Harrington's obsession.

Senait Gidey

ph: Thomas Whiteside

Window faces

Regensburg, June 2014

Ilva Hetmann