Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nadja Bender

ph: Camilla Akrans

Window faces

Regensburg, October 2013

Zuzanna Bijoch

ph: Victor de Marchelier

A day in the life, Oct 24

A day in the life, Oct 24, standing outside looking inside

Nastya Gordaya

From my vaults: Ty Cobb


Keira Knightley

New York

Marieke van de Braak

ph: Enrique Badulescu

First Lines: Margaret Wilson - The Able McLaughlins

(ph: Marion Post Wolcott)

The prairie lay that afternoon as it had lain for centuries of September afternoons, vast as an ocean; motionless as an ocean coaxed into very little ripples by languid breezes; silent as an ocean where only very little waves slip back into their element.

Abbey Lee Kershaw


Porticello, Sicily

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ashleigh Good

ph: Emma Summerton

Window faces

Regensburg, October 2013

Sophie Marceau

A day in the life, Oct 23

A day in the life, Oct 23, window display

Lisa Verberght

ph: Kris De Smedt

New Stuff: Swans

The packaging to this handmade limited edition is made with a linoleum block print (printed on hand-brushed white ink). The drawing for the print and the printing itself was expertly accomplished by Nicole Boitos (signed and numbered 1 – 2000 by Nicole), based upon a concept/sketch by M.Gira. Each individual cover is further drawn upon / personalized and signed by M.Gira.

Eve Salvail

A Private Function (1984)

After WWII there's still rationing of meat and when princess Elizabeth is going to marry, a group of businessmen wants to impress (or probably bribe) the local government by giving a big party by slaughtering an illegally raised pig for this event.

Despite all the credentials this comedy about a farting pig is remarkably unfunny.

Halliwell***: "Sharply-detailed comedy typical of its author, but less likeable than many."

Maltin**1/2: "Droll, very British comedy...Often funny, but also cynical and cruel. Smith is hilarious as the social-climbing wife of milquetoasty podiatrist Palin."

Who's That Girl?

Photographer: Jacob Holdt


Lera Sheremeta

ph: Giuseppe Gasparin


Porticello, Sicily

Kate Beckinsale

Window faces

Regensburg, October 2013

Magda Laguinge

ph: Jens Langkjaer

A day in the life, Oct 22

A day in the life, Oct 22, autumn leaves

Natalia Vodianova

From my vaults: Lee J. Cobb



New York

Marina Nery

ph: Henrique Schiefferdecker

First Lines: Willa Cather - One of Ours

Claude Wheeler opened his eyes before the sun was up and vigorously shook his younger brother, who lay in the other half of the same bed.

Kornelia Strzelecka


Villa Palagonia, Bagheria, Sicily

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lorena Sandu

A day in the life, Oct 21

A day in the life, Oct 21, evening sky

Nora Lony

ph: Wendelin Spiess

New Stuff: The Best American Short Stories

Newest edition arrived today.

Milly Simmonds

ph: Nikolay Biryukov

New Stuff: DKV + Gustafsson, Nilssen-Love, Pupillo

You might call this jazz supergroup!

Who's That Girl?

Art: Jacob Burck


Brittany Murphy

ph: Sheryl Nields


Villa Palagonia, Bagheria, Sicily