Saturday, July 9, 2016


Musei Capitolini, June 2016

Annelot de Waal

A day in the life, Jul 7

A day in the life, Jul 7, coming home at night

Sanne de Vries

New Stuff. Camp

Very good German journal on comics, illustration and popular culture.

Romy De Vries

ph: Paul Bellaart

Stalags (2008)

Documentary film about the pornographic Stalag fiction books popular in Israel around the time of the Adolf Eichmann trial.

Fascinating investigation of an irritating phenomemon which can't quite pinpoint the cuase of its  short-lived popularity, but does bring some insight into an early chapter of Israel's history.

Hedy Lamarr

New Stuff: Primo Levi

The Periodic Table is a collection of short stories by Primo Levi, published in 1975, named after the periodic table in chemistry. In 2006, the Royal Institution of Great Britain named it the best science book ever.

Who's That Girl?

Art: Alfred Kubin

Ariane de Vasconcelos


Musei Capitolini, June 2016

Masia Czerniak

A day in the life, Jul 6

A day in the life, Jul 6, Regensburg by night

Sophie Droogendijk

New York

Coney Island Parachute Jump Ride

Rosie Tupper

First Lines: Samuel R. Delany - The Motion of Light in Water

My father had been sick almost a year.

Nadine Strittmatter

ph: Gianni Pisano

Friday, July 8, 2016


Musei Capitolini, June 2016

Anna de Rijk

ph: Xevi Muntané

A day in the life, Jul 5

A day in the life, Jul 5, Regensburg by night

Claire De Regge

New stuff: Yann Martel

In Lisbon in 1904, a young man named Tomas discovers an old journal. It hints at the location of an extraordinary artefact that - if it exists - would redefine history. Travelling in one of Europe's earliest automobiles, he sets out in search of this treasure. Some thirty-five years later, a Portuguese pathologist finds himself at the centre of a murder mystery. Fifty years on, a Canadian senator takes refuge in northern Portugal, grieving the loss of his beloved wife. But he comes to his ancestral village with an unusual companion: a chimpanzee. The High Mountains of Portugal takes the reader on a road trip through Portugal in the last century - and through the human soul.

Nina Maria de Raadt

New Stuff: Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke's first and supposedly best novel.

Anna Lund Sørensen

New Stuff: Lunar Notes

Rechristened as Zoot Horn Rollo, guitarist Harkleroad recalls what it was like to live, record and play with a temperamental genius such as Captain Beefheart on landmark albums such as Trout Mask Replica.

Ranya Mordanova

Photographer: Arnold Genthe

Anastasiya Vasyk


Musei Capitolini, June 2016

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Myrthe De Poel

A day in the life, Jul 4

A day in the life, Jul 4, objet trouvé

Shalom Harlow

ph: Irving Penn

New York

Traffic jam in New York City on Memorial Day Weekend, 1949

Who's That Girl?

First Lines: Peter Abelard - Historia Calamitatum - The Story Of My Misfortunes

Know, then, that I am from a certain town which was built on the way into lesser Brittany, distant some eight miles, as I think, eastward from the city of Nantes, and in its own tongue called Palets.

Ragnhild Jevne


Musei Capitolini, June 2016

Esther Heesch

ph Eric Maillet

A day in the life, Jul 3

A day in the life, Jul 3, Regensburg by night

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ysaunny Brito

New Stuff: Raime

Raime's acclaimed second album.

Lineisy Montero

Cape Fear (1962)

A lawyer's family is stalked by a man he once helped put in jail.

Classic high tension thriller with Robert Mitchum delivering one of the best deranged villain performances in cinema history; however, the right-wing flavoring of the story stains the otherwise good impression of the movie as a whole.

Halliwell (no star): "Unpleasant and drawn out suspenser with characters of cardboard and situations from stock."

Maltin***: "Mitchum is memorably (and believably) creepy...Dated only on its lack of explicitness, but still daring for its time."

Emmy Rappe

New Stuff: Bat For Lashes

Finally, a new Bat For Lashes album.

Sophia Ahrens

ph: Brian Daly