Saturday, September 29, 2018

Diana Rudenok

ph: Oskar Cecere

The Tingler (1959)

An obsessed pathologist discovers and captures a parasitic creature that grows when fear grips its host.

Silly and a bit seedy plot is slowly told with some singular effective thrills and a creepy performance by Vincent Price.

Halliwell (no star): "Ridiculous shocker with dull handling but effective moments."

Maltin**1/2: "Preposterous but original shocker..."

Lisa Taylor

New Stuff: Jan Svankmajer

Jae Yi Shin

ph: Hyea W. Kang

The Last Voyage (1960)

After a boiler explosion aboard an aging ocean liner, a man struggles to free his injured wife from the wreckage of their cabin and ensure the safety of their four-year-old daughter as the ship begins to sink.

Old-fashioned disaster movie istold straightforwardly (the catastrophe begins in the first seconds before the credits) and with a solid cast, but the excitement is somewhat limited.

Halliwell*: "Spectacular if dramatically deficient actioner for which a genuine liner (awaiting scrapping) was sunk."

Maltin***: "Engrossing drama..."

Audrey Marnay

New Stuff: Paul Leppin

Who's That Girl?

Photographer: William Saunders

Wang Xiao


Wenceslas Square, Prague, September 2018

Tanya Katysheva

ph: Pablo Estévez & Javier Belloso


Prague, September 2018

Emmanuelle Seigner

Streetview Captures


ph: Renell Medrano

A day in the life, Sep 10

A day in the life, Sep 10, light

Marlo Thomas

New York

1901, Boarding a taxi at Herald square

Sasha Pivovarova

ph: Zoey Grossman

First Lines: Philip Kerr - March Violets

Stranger things happen in the dark dreams of the Great Persuader...

Friday, September 28, 2018

Cara Taylor

ph: Ben Toms


Prague, September 2018

Marlene Dietrich

ph: A.L. “Whitey” Schafer


Prague, September 2018

Rianne Van Rompaey

ph: Paolo Roversi

Streetview Captures

Lana Del Rey

A day in the life, Sep 9

A day in the life, Sep 9, mushrooms

Anna Vivchar

New Stuff: Lost Highway

Alexia Wight

ph: Gianluca Santoro

Inside Lehman Brothers (2018)

Ten years after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers former employees tell their side of the story.

Absorbing and revealing documentary conveys the high-profile criminality of a finance corporation - and how its perpetrators get away with it.

Sofi Berelidze

ph: Mark Pillai

New Stuff: John Tavener

Alice Vink

ph: Pablo Curto

De Flat (1994)

A divorced doctor falls for a copywriter who is a suspect in the murder of two people.

Rather conventional thriller is barely suspenseful, since most of its plot is quite predictable, and the eroticism is added for more exploitative reasons.

Lindsey Wixson

New Stuff: Steve Reich

Who's That Girl?

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Art: Zoe Lacchei

Leona Axelsen Ringström

ph: Jimmy Hansen


View from Café Slavia, Prague, September 2018

Lana Ogilvie

ph: Anthony Gordon


Regensburg, September 2018

Felice Noordhoff

ph: Annemarieke van Drimmelen

Streetview Captures

Cora Keegan

A day in the life, Sep 8

A day in the life, Sep 8, bicycle parking