Saturday, October 6, 2012

Olga Ovchinikova

A day in the life, Oct 1

A day in the life, Oct 1, Berlin

Kate Moss irrégulière

From my vaults: Judith Campbell Exner


Lauren Bigelow

New York

Annie McGinty

ph: Jeff Tse

First Lines: Sibylle Berg - The Journey

It was that time of the year, when there were only four hours of light in Iceland.

Mariya Markina

ph: Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello

R.I.P. Mookey

Our cat Mookey died this morning. She was nearly 15 years old.

Amanda Booth

A day in the life, Sep 30

A day in the life, Sep 30, beads shop

Amanda Nørgaard

Love Story (1944)

When a concert pianist learns that she has a serious heart problem. she vows to enjoy what time she has left.

A typical old-fashioned tearjerker tastefully made and played so that the outlandishness of the plot is hardly noticeable.

Halliwell (no stars): "Novelettish love story which became popular because of its Cornish Rhapsody."

Nastassia Lindes

Breach (2007)

Based on the true story, FBI upstart Eric O'Neill enters into a power game with his boss, Robert Hanssen, an agent who was put on trial for selling secrets to the Soviet Union.

Intensive character study but a bit lacking with the figure of the young investigator.

Maltin ***: "Solid, straightforward drama with a superior performance by Cooper that reflects the many facets of Hanssen's personality...although we never really understand what makes him tick."

Who's That Girl?

Photographer: Mauro Brancorsini

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Olivia Henderson

ph: Errikos Andreou

A day in the life, Sep 29

A day in the life, Sep 29, Regensburg

Alyona Subbotina

From my vaults: Joseph Campbell


Yulia Lobova

New York

Theres Alexandersson

First Lines: Jane Rule - Desert of the Heart

Conventions, like clichés, have a way of surviving their own usefulness.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jessiann Gravel Beland

A day in the life, Sep 28

A day in the life, Sep 28, evening sky

Emily Didonato

New Stuff: Leonard Maltin's 2013 Movie Guide

It was time to get the latest edition.

Alexa Chung

ph: Matt Irwin

Force 10 from Navarone (1978)

During World War II, several oddly assorted military experts are teamed in a mission to raid and destroy a bridge vital to enemy strategy.

Typically good-humored WWII star vehicle with a plot with a few twists too many.

Halliwell (no stars): "Routine war hokum with plenty of explosions and sudden death, but not much sense. Nothing, really, to do with The Guns of Navarone."

Maltin BOMB: "Awful sequel to GUNS OF NAVARONE, poor in all departments, although Shaw, Ford, and Nero give it a lift..."

Who's That Girl?

Photographer: Richard Bram

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