Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jean Ackerman

From my vaults:Jim Backus


Monika Rohanova

New York

(ph: Wilbur Sawyer)

First Lines: Michel Foucault - The Archæology of Knowledge

(ph: Paul Brady)

For many years now historians have preferred to turn their attention to long periods, as if, beneath the shifts and changes of political events, they were trying to reveal the stable, almost indestructible system of checks and balances, the irreversible processes, the constant readjustments, the underlying tendencies that gather force, and are then suddenly reversed after centuries of continuity, the movements of accumulation and slow saturation, the great silent, motionless bases that traditional history has covered with a thick layer of events.

Brooklyn Decker

New Stuff: Emilie Simon

Emilie Simon is another artist I've been collecting since her first album. This most recent one should include the songs she presented 2008 at her weekly New York concerts one of which I had the pleasure to see when we were visiting.

Who's That Girl?

Illustrator: C.J. Rollinus

Amy Lemons

ph: Patrick Demarchelier

New Stuff: The Wire